As you may realize, this will be a unique event. We are working to make this weekend something special for us all to share.

Our hope is that our wedding celebration will be a unique and joyful experience for everyone there. We would love everyone to contribute to the celebration however they like. And we hope you each take something special away with you.

This is partly a union between two people, but this event marks the mixing of two families as well as a community of friends... indeed it is the beginning of a new Family.

This particular group of individuals has never been assembled before and never will again. We will all give and take our unique energy--adding to the scene. We are very excited to have you be a part of it.

What to Bring

Nights are getting cooler, and anything is possible over the course of three days in the Northwest. We suggest bringing comfortable walking shoes, and WARM clothes so you can explore the beautiful groomed walking paths. In general, we suggest clothes that won't stop you from sitting on a rock around the fire, etc.  Remember a flashlight for finding your way after dark (Aint no streetlights in these parts...). 

The Schedule:

 Friday, September 21
  1 pm -5pm
  • Setup Tables/Chairs
  • Decorate Hall
  • Organize Volunteers
    - Food Prep
    - Ice and Drink Monitoring
  • Set up Ceremony Area
  • Set up lights
  • Set up Candles
  • Set up Flags
  • Prepare Food for Barbeque
  • Barbeque begins at the Farmhouse
 Saturday, September 22
  • Coffee Brewing
  • Breakfast Preparation


  • Breakfast served in the Main Hall
    (French Toast)
  11am - 1pm
  • Breakfast Cleanup
  • Food Prep for Evening
  • Finalize Decorations
  • Organize Volunteers:
    - Ice Duty
    - Refreshment Management
    - Decorating Food Tables
    - Food/Dish cleanup
    - Dish Washing


  1 - 3 pm
  • Frisbee
  • Hula hoop Trials
  • Walk through the woods
  • Chill 


  • The Ceremony
  5pm - ?
  • Feasting
  • Dancing
  • General Merriment
 Sunday, September 23
  • Breakfast
     - Coffee, Bagels & Leftovers
  11 am
  • Cleanup


     Wedding Scrap Book
     Bachelor Party Photos (I deny everything.)
     September 12, 2001

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