Ship's Log
Sunday, August 6, 2000
Heriot Bay to Campbell River

Back on Vancouver Island

    The wind woke us with a howl. Our dock was exposed to the east and we walked to shore to use the bathroom and succumbed to the wafts of omelets and coffee. August709.jpg (56313 bytes)

By noon, we were underway. The wind pushed us along around the shoal that caused us to look the word up in the dictionary on July 28. Then we sailed around Cape Mudge and through the barrage of salmon fisherman to the government dock in Campbell River. We searched for a space on the dock and finally found one. As we approached the dock we saw Marty and Sherry right tied up right in front of us. We sat on our decks and told stories of our adventures since leaving each other in Von Donop. We took did laundry, took Sherry to the store and I restocked with provisions for the upcoming week. It was one of those ironically sad days. We were spending our last hours together worried about the upcoming weeks apart. Knowing it is a waste of our time together, it is a familiar feeling that we shared in Mexico before Deb returned to Guatemala and I to Seattle just six months after we met. I think it was harder then because we both knew it was forever, but we couldn’t really believe it or communicate it to each other. Now, we are engaged, planning our lives together. But this month apart was still a difficult reality.

That night we had dinner with Marty and Sherry. We told stories of our childhood and how we met etc. We made plans to see each other after the trip and most of all we laughed together. Laughter was what I would miss most in the days to come.

It's a small world after all. It's a small small world.

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