Ship's Log
Saturday, August 5, 2000
Refuge Cove to Heriot Bay

Sailing Toward the End

    Our time together was coming to a close. We sailed away from Refuge Cove toward our final destination. Two days left. So much left to say and do. August705.jpg (47015 bytes)

We had a wonderful sail past schooners and cruise ships, to the same bay we spent our first night in a little more than a week before.

 August706.jpg (61728 bytes)

We arrived at Rebecca Spit just as the sun was setting. We had hoped that we could get there earlier and explore Quadra Island more. But I do have a bad habit of sitting in the calm and waiting for the wind. We miraculously found a space on the public dock in Hariot Bay We went for a walk through "town" and I bought a great fishing had and some new sunglasses. These, along with my bushy beard, completed my new look. Jimmy Buffet, meets Jerry Garcia, with a sprinkle of Grizzly Adams. It works for me… After our walk we went to dinner and got a taste of the local flavor. This was truly a beautiful place. The sun set as kayakers returned from their day’s adventures. This is a place I would like to return to someday.

August707.jpg (73473 bytes)August708.jpg (69924 bytes)

It's a small world after all. It's a small small world.

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