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Mount Rainier 1998      Christmas  2003  
Sailing 2000   New Years Eve 0304
Wedding 2001  Frank's "Surprise!" Birthday 2004  
Thailand 2004
  Mount Rainier    

I knew it would be hard, but had no idea how hard. I didn’t know that in a few short days I would be climbing up the side of a crevasse with my ice axe at 1:00 am and by sunrise, forcing air in and out of my lungs as fast and hard as I could.



  Sailing Stories    

It is said that when a bald eagle circles, you are having clear spiritual communication (either that or you are sitting next to a salmon). It wasn't exactly circling, but I enjoyed watching it soar just the same.



Sailing alone and at times with friends, seeing places and meeting characters, left me quite different. I found myself in tune with a new reality on what was, to me, an epic journey within.

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  Web Services  

I started this company and this site because it's what I love to do. Being a member of this community, I saw a real need for a web services firm that actually focused on Service. Check it out and let me know what you think...

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Mount Rainier 1998 - Sailing 2000 - Wedding 2001
Christmas 2003 - New Years Eve 0304 - Frank's "Surprise!" Birthday 2004 - Thailand 2004

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