Ship's Log

The Journey Continues

    Friend or Foe or Stranger Be,

It is time to stop the promise of regular web updates and stories. For now, I sail inward to destinations unknown, toward the blackness that is the future—a canvas void of all colour. A future that is not visited even in our dreams. And a future that reveals itself only in the miracle that is now. My time on the water is drawing to a close. This computer is a symbol of the old me. This website a goal that I cannot let consume me if I want to really be here now.

So, I sail into a moonless black night. There is no quadrant or charted course. Indeed this is a personal journey into a night so black that the sea meets the sky and reflects the stars. Points of light shine on me from all directions. It is from these dream seeds that the colours of the future begin to reveal themselves.

Inside, the plane of the sea vanishes and I am finally able to move without the confines of dimensions. I travel without vessel or breeze. No muscled or wits to float to my true being—to find the distant shore that lies beneath the shroud of humanity within my spirit. To love. To find truth.

I am going to compile my thoughts and experiences throughout my summer. They have had a profound impact on me. I will be exploring and writing more about what I have learned. If you are interested in reading more, please contact me. I hope to publish them in some form or another. Thank you for all the great emails and feedback.

Fair winds,

It's a small world after all. It's a small small world.


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