Ship's Log
Friday, July 28, 2000
Lund to Campbell River to Rebecca Spit

Worth the Wait

    I woke to light breezes from the north. It was 4:15am and still dark. I listened to the weather then cast off as the sky turned from black to dark blue.

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I navigated through Baker Pass and Whilby Shoals motorsailing with jib and main. I passed the Cape Mudge lighthouse at 8:30am. campbell04.jpg (53835 bytes)

I found a space at the Campbell River fishing boat docks, hopped off the boat, walked (or ran) up the hill and knocked on Deb’s hotel room door by 9:45am. Worth the wait…I showered and even saw my first gray whale (I think it was a gray). It was enormous. We could hear it breath from the 3rd floor. 

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We watched it feed in the rushing current from the hotel window. We had breakfast, went grocery shopping, stashed her car and shoved off at 2pm. We ran with the tide around Cape Mudge and cut across Whilby Shoals. We ran north with the wind. The waves made Deb a bit sea sick, but she held out and soon we were safely anchored behind the protection of Rebecca Spit on Quadra Island. Exhausted from the long day of sailing, I fell asleep to the lapping of the water without making a plan for the upcoming day. We had 9 days ahead of us and plenty of time to explore these beautiful islands. It was a good feeling.

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It's a small world after all. It's a small small world.

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