Ship's Log
Wednesday, July 26, 2000
         Galley Bay to Lund

Searching Asking Receiving

    By late morning the rain started. If only it had began while we were watching the bioluminescence… the water would have lit up like a sea of twinkle lights. It became apparent that a front was moving in and this rain was not going to end any time soon.

 Lund112.jpg (35195 bytes)

campbell01.jpg (63557 bytes)Our plans of sailing to a small island and exploring for the day before heading back to Lund quickly depleted. We sat inside and listened to the rain dance on the deck. 

The conversation intensified and we both began to find many things we were searching for. We talked, philosophized, napped, then talked some more as the rain continued to fall. I needed a lazy day. We both did. At 5pm, I fired up the engine and motored back to Lund. Although short, my time with Chris has been intense and rejuvenating.

It's a small world after all. It's a small small world.

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